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Esprit Fastpitch is hiring coaches

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  • Esprit Fastpitch is hiring coaches

    Esprit Fastpitch is hiring coaches for 14U, 16U, and 18U teams.

    Follow this link to apply:

    The Esprit softball club was founded in 1982 to provide players with the opportunity to learn the joy of playing the game the right way. Among the goals: an appreciation of sportsmanship, the pride of being a good teammate and the satisfaction of giving maximum effort. The name Esprit comes from the military concept of Esprit de Corps. A concept that implies that individuals working as one, with pride in being part of a group will develop a spirit that makes the group stronger than the sum of its individual parts. It is our hope to engender in our players that kind of spirit or Esprit. Our symbol, the fleur de lis, has been used throughout history as a symbol of strength, life and perfection. We hope that by wearing the uniform, the black and gold and the fleur de lis, in her mind sets the player apart. We hope the uniform says something about how she plays the game, as well as how she approaches life. This uniform connects her to so many great players who wore the same uniform. We hope that like them, she is a player who competes and plays the game hard, but with respect for her team mates and her opponents. The club also 31 National Championship appearances. The Organization has assisted hundred of student athletes achieve their dream of playing the sport they love in college while gaining their education.