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  • New Tryout Calendar - UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS

    We've recently updated our website to include a built-in calendar. With so many tryouts getting scheduled, adding them all manually was a very cumbersome and time consuming process. With this new functionality, you'll be able to setup and manage your events (tryouts, friendlies, etc.) in various calendars throughout our website just by creating a post like you always have.

    Here's a step-by-step guide about how to setup your own events.
    1. Just like you have in the past, navigate to the Tryouts and Pickup Players forum and click the button.
    2. When the "Create New Topic" window opens up, start by filling out the info at the top. It's easy to forget this info but it's critical in ensuring your tryouts get posted to the proper calendar.
    3. From the "Topic Prefix" drop down, select the age group for your tryouts (see below). If you are posting multiple tryouts for various age groups, it's highly recommended that you create a new topic for each age group.
    4. Next, enter your Topic Title. Be brief, but descriptive so others know at a quick glance, what your event is about. Example: 05 TEAM NAME Tryouts - August 4th at 5:00pm
    5. Enable the event details by clicking on the calendar button in the toolbar (see #1 below), this sets the type of topic you're creating. You can enable advanced controls by clicking on the advanced menu icon on the right side of the toolbar (See #2 below), this allows you to change fonts, colors, add images links and more. After the event button has been clicked, the event details section appears (see #3 below). Enter your start date and time, select whether it's an all day event or not (if not, select no and then enter the end date/time), and then enter the location details.
    6. When entering location details, use names that are listed on google maps. For example, Norma Carr Field at Salt Lake Community College, doesn't have a listing in google maps and therefore won't display properly. Instead, enter either Salt Lake Community College and then be sure to add details in the description (ex. Tryouts will be held at Norma Carr Field is in the Northwest corner of the campus), or the actual address to the location of your tryouts. Just be sure to enter the full address including city, state and zip.
    7. Finally, enter the event description in the main window. This is where you list your tryout description (arrival time, check-in requirements, what to expect, etc.).
    8. When finished, click the Post button. Check your post for accuracy, including the google map that is automatically displayed. If anything is off, you can always edit your post to correct it.
    If all went well, your post will automatically show up on our general calendar as well as the calendar for the age group you're holding tryouts for. As always, if you have any questions, please ask here or use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

    This feature is relatively new. Additional features and functionality will be added shortly but this should make it easier for everyone to add and manage their own events.