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About Us

Collapse was founded with the purpose of developing a statewide community of fellow enthusiasts dedicated to growing and improving the game in the State of Utah. It was determined that the purpose of the state wide softball communication site was:

  1. To maintain a membership group representative of all levels of softball including Men, Women, Youth and Co-ed fastpitch, slow pitch, recreation, church ball and any other level of softball not mentioned.
  2. To organize a community interested in formulating and promoting guiding principles, standards, values, role models and policies for conducting softball programs for all; and to provide a united body for positive action relative to the sport of softball.
  3. To promote cooperative efforts with other organizations similarly interested in the ultimate development of successful programs and opportunities for the state of Utah.
  4. To educate softball enthusiasts and the public in the game of softball, including coordinating relationships between softball team members, coaches, parents, fans, tournament directors, umpires, all softball associations and other educational events through the development of softball in all its aspects as an amateur sport.
  5. To maintain communication of new ideas and discussion of issues involving softball and education.

How we plan to achieveOur Goals plans to achieve the goals mentioned above by initiating softball clinics, camps, conventions, meetings, tournaments, events from all softball organizations across the state and by providing official announcements to all members including those out of state. was created and developed in November of 2008 by a couple individuals who have played and coached at various levels of the game, who had the desire to make a difference. The site was finally launched in January 2009. In it's first calendar month and by word of mouth the site grew slowly, with only 10 members. Seven years later, membership levels exceed 2,500 users.

History ofThe Logo

Logo idea's were born from scratch paper, looking for ideas to bring the state and the game together on the web.


Then we took it to the computer, played around with colors, shapes and sizes.


After weeks of playing around and changing our minds, the final touch for the Logo was set.

softballutah logo
www.softballutah.comlogo was finalized.


It is FREE to be a member. As a member of, know that we get the word out for you. We listen to your needs and wants and share them. "You define it, we'll help you achieve it." -

This site is for anyone who loves the game of softball. Whether your a Player, Coach, Umpire, Fan or Family member. You can view various Tournaments, Field Locations, Camps, Clinics for all levels of softball, including other events.

This Community Site allows you to find...

  1. Lots of often hard-to-find personal information about our State's Club teams, High School Teams, College Teams, Recreation teams, church teams and more.
  2. The convenience of having every state tournament resource we can find located in one easy-to-use location (many of which are independently run tournaments and don't have contact info posted).
  3. A FREE place to blog, post messages and announcements.
  4. The opportunity to communicate with others from Utah and abroad, about the game of softball.

Because we are an open communication site, we listen to our members. You will see constant up-dates to the website.

Thanks and Appreciation

www.softballutah.comextends its appreciation to the members, staff, trainers and all volunteers involved in the dedication in developing the framework of the website and its success. Also acknowledges their outstanding work in developing and creating the common standards for softball players to model themselves after while finding their personal level of success. Accomplishments in life can come from softball's toughest lessons.